One should not go thinking while at work

I have had a rough week. On Wednesday I had a crown prep done and thought I would just have to suffer though it for 2 weeks until I could have a day to chew on the right side of my mouth. (try it for a year and see how much only chewing on one side bugs ya!) anyway, as much as I dislike the dentist I hated my tooth pain and my "daily dose of Advil" even more so it had to be done. Anyway, while at work on Thurs I was pretty sure a huge chunk cracked off...while a eating dinner of noodles I noticed that it was almost unbearable to chew, but the pain was even more intense. So...I call, see my dentist and she says that she is afraid my fracture goes deeper and I need a specialist. So, I quickly made an appointment for Monday and he will shove some huge needle/microscope down my poor little tooth and determine if a root canal is possible or if I will need to have the tooth "extracted" which is a fancy word for ripped out of my mouth! Until then I must suffer through the jagged edges that are tearing my toungue and making it hard to talk, forget chewing now, I was always meaning to do an all liquid diet anyway!
So that catches you up on that crap!

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting and somewhat difficult day. I am going to hear Mary Lou Wallner (from the documetry For the Bible Tells Me So) speak in Chicago. I am fourtunate enough to have an extreemly supportive partner and 2 wonderful friends that will join me on this visit. I am not going to hear her speak so much as to chat with her for a bit. Mary Lou and I have been emailing for a few months now, since her article in People magazine in November. For me, the difficult part of this whole thing is how much she reminds me of my mom, from her strong religious beliefs to even how she looks. There is one huge difference of course, she has become a becon of hope for those of us that have been rejected by the conservative/religious groups and especially our parents. She calls herself my surrogate mom, someone that opens there arms and says you are just fine the way you are and God loves you!
Oddly enough this is the primary difference in my own parents.
So, I don't know what tomorrow will be like, I am slightly nervous and excited at the same time.


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