The Letter

So I got my letter from Madison Police Department today, looks like I am not a total moron and can at least past step 1 (ie fill out the damn application properly, attach necessary documents.)Anyway, the gist of the letter says that testing is done on Sundays with the written being at 0800-0930 and the heats for the physical agility assessment start around 1030. So, I should be getting a letter in August giving me the date I will be testing.

Oh here is the kicker, and I know they put this on all letters but I can't help but feel that it's just mine, "in conclusion, thanks again for your interest in MPD and keep working out--we don't want to lose qualified candidates because of their inability to master the physical agility assessment."

Here is the breakdown of what I will be expected to do, I will keep this more as a check list, so I can mark when I comfortable with my skill in each area:

  • Abdominal Strength: Twenty-five (25) sit-ups in one (1) minute, performed while sitting on the floor, legs secured, knees bent, hands folded across the chest with the torso reaching at least a 90 degree angle with the floor.
  • Flexibility: One (1) sit-and-reach; a toe-touching test performed (for three seconds) from the sitting position, the legs will be straight.
  • Cardio-Vascular Endurance: One and one-half (1 1/2) miles in no more than fourteen minutes, thirty seconds (14:30) running and/or walking on an indoor track.
  • Upper Body Strength: (Candidate’s Choice) a) Bench press one-half of your body weight to a locked-elbow position from the chest, fifteen (15) times in one (1) minute; b) Fifteen (15) “perfect protocol” pushups in one (1) minute.

If I can recall the good 'ole Army days, my toughest challenges were the sit ups (although 25 with my legs secured isn't too bad, I tend to use all leg muscles anyway) and of course the run. At one point I was able to do the 2 mile in about 14:20 so hopefully, in the next 2 months, I can at least get the 1 1/2 mile in that time, note it does say walking as well. Which means, sprint the first part until you think you will die, then just walk it in. Yeah right!! I have the flexibility thing down, and I am going to do some testing today to see if I want to bench press or do the pushups. I used to do so good on pushups so I am not sure, 15 in 1 minute are really not that hard if you think of it, that is just knocking out 5 every fifteen seconds if you need that long. In fact please hold while I test  .............................................................................................................................................................................Okay back again, thanks for waiting :O) totally do' able for the pushups...I might have to try the bench press thing too. Although if you think about it, it is the same thing. Anyway, I will have to work on this a little since my elbow is slightly sensitive from the surgery.

Also on the plan, is some sort of diet. I HAVE GOT TO LOSE WEIGHT! This is not something I want to do, I must do it. I felt better when I was about 30 lbs lighter, so I will focus on that as well.

So there it is....guess it's time to start kickin my own ass. I think today is looking like a good day for a run!


tribegirl909 said…
I love your blog and your bravery. Hang in there with your parents. When my sister came out to our parents they did the whole never want to see you again thing...years later they loved her 2nd GF so much that when they were breaking up they actually asked if there was anyway that the two of them could work it out because her GF truly felt like a member of the family by then. My parents weren't really heavy duty religious people though so neither of us had that to contend with that, but hopefully yours will realize that family is family and not optional. Good luck with the cop job...any woman who can play that much hockey I'm sure can get into shape quickly. My first GF was Army and about 8 yrs out of the Army became a firefighter so much IS possible! Best wishes...I will send some prayers for some happier times your way.

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