Just breathe

Okay I admit it..I called in to work today. Didn't call in sick, which would be a lie, just said I'm not coming in. I need a day to breathe. It has been a very long, emotional week. I need a day to get myself together, to get a few things done, and for 1 day, not focus on death.

Of course, Loni was kind enough to provide me with a "honey-do-list" which I said I won't start unless I get my other things done. I have been such a slacker the last few weeks...okay almost 1 month but I just just drained down. I have been seriously neglecting my Act ride duties, neglecting my commitment to go to the gym, neglected applying for other police departments and neglecting life.

So, today is my day to play catch-up, take care of business..then get back on track. Sometimes we need these type of days. Looking forward to a good weekend again, tomorrow is the kickoff meeting for the Act 6 ride, in the evening we are having some sort of Guitar Hero dual with Mary & Michelle, then on Sunday I have summer hockey starting.  All in all it should be a fun couple of days. Why do they go so fast?


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