A moment of silence

I was going to reserve today for Memorial Day post about veterans. However, today I need to post about another member of our family tragically taken away from us this morning. Felicia Melton-Smyth was someone that I have known for 8 years, since I moved to Madison. I knew her as someone that was a prominent figure in the fight against AIDS. I had a chance to get to know her on the Walk, Roll & Stroll for the Aids Network in 2006 because we did the walk as Team Shamrock, and again during the Act Ride last year.

Today when I got home from doing my everyday things, I found out that Felicia was murdered while vacationing Mexico this morning. This is a loss for our community, her friends and those that cared for her. In the wake of such news I feel that silence is best. I found some of my favorite pictures to post today. They show Felicia as I saw her, a fun loving, and dedicated person. RIP Felicia, may we pick up the pieces and carry on your legacy.

walk roll stroll 2 Walk Roll & Stroll 2006 - Team Shamrock

walk roll stroll

Pillow fight to benefit the Aids Network, Felicia was a Ring Girl

pillowfight  pillowfight2

pillowfight3 Bri watching Felicia ham it up with a little dance number


pillowfight4 This guy wanted to pillow fight so bad, and Felicia took him up on it...he was in for a treat with that!!


Anonymous said…
We are sorry for the loss of your friend this morning. We saw Felicia just this week getting her travelers checks for the trip--she was so excited. The Madison LGBT community will have certainly lost a friend in her. Rest in Peace.

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