So I have decided that I am extremely happy that the WWW has evolved so much during my lifetime. I remember in my high school library we had 1 computer with Internet and you couldn't really even use it, we still had the good ole' fashioned card catalog (do they still have this? don't know) Anyway, I digress...with the Internet changing it has brought us Yahoo and Google, I think I use this daily. Myspace and facebook, neither have I used until this last year. I have been able to reconnect with friends from high school and past jobs on myspace and facebook just brought me the opportunity to get in touch with 3 of my nieces that I have not seen in almost 10 years. I read my cousin's blog almost every day and read how she interacts with her nieces and nephews and all the pictures of them, I didn't get those chances. But, thanks to modern technology I am able to see what beautiful women they are growing into, and 1 just got married on my birthday last weekend!
On the other hand, had the WWW not existed, I wouldn't be in WI, and I would still be making phone calls and not instant messaging, texting or sending picture messages. It's a give and take I suppose.
On a side note that has nothing to do with any of that, I have been a big fan of the Vietnamese soup called Pho. I was introduced to it through a nice lady our church sponsored when I was a child, her name was Kim. Anyway, I have searched high and low for this since moving out of Michigan where my favorite Pho restaurant is in Wyoming. And today I found 4 restaurants in Madison! So you can only appreciate just how excited I am, today for lunch it's going to be Pho!!


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