my how time flies

Well I can't believe it's been almost a month since I wrote on here..I read different blogs every day yet I cannot seem to write in my own sometimes. I suppose I should have a laundry list of excuses, but school, work and life just seem to keep me busy.

Graduation is next saturday!! I am so frickin excited, what I have been working towards for 12 years is finally right there..hopefully I will get some good pictures that I can post on here. Anyway, on friday I will hop in the van with mom and dad as we make the 4 hour trek to Iowa for saturdays events. I did find out that I am graduating with honors so I am SO excited about that. Anyway, anyone that knew me back when, knows that I am not much of a student and I will have no love lost to be done with school. I have worked my ass off and at least I got a good reward at the end. I still have classes until June 30 which is someone's version of a joke I think but I am a tough cookie I can take it!
Its been such a struggle latley with work demanding more and more of my time, at my 40+ hours per week plus the on-call nights just wear me out sometimes. I wish I had more time to hop on the bike, or hang out with Loni. What I wouldn't give to have a friday night that I can go out for dinner and a movie. 8 weeks and counting baby!!!


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