Why do holidays suck

I wish we could just skip from Oct to January and miss all those holidays in-between. Growing up my favorite holiday of all was Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to head out to Grandma's house for the day and then roller skating at night.
But over the last few years the holidays have gotten much more difficult. I have not been home for a Thanksgiving since my Grandmother passed away- that was the sweetest memory I have of her, being able to see her and share her favorite holiday as well.

For the last few years Loni and I have spent holidays with her family but last year was the first one without her mother. We had an invitation to our friends house for the day, we told them we would be there, but at the last moment Loni just couldn't go..she was very upset and having a hard day. It was the first major holiday without her mom and I understand..we sat at home, by ourselves just doing nothing.

So this year a friend of ours has invited us to have Thanksgiving with her and some friends and family. Pretty much a group of folks that don't have anywhere else to go. So I need to rsvp with her and when I asked Loni if she wants to go she just said she didn't know if she was ready to be around happy people. ugh, I just don't know what to do - it just depresses me that we sit at home instead of being with people that make us laugh & smile. We need to find something to fill those empty places in our hearts around the holidays.
I just hope it's this year.


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