In Tears

I am seriously upset & furious right now..on what should be a wonderful end of a wonderful day. Today is me & Loni's 10 year anniversary- pretty big day for anyone. Fun times at work when both Loni & I ended up sending each other a dozen roses thinking we got one up on the other! Then it was opening night of the Badgers Women's Hockey..we got a fantastic win and a fun game.

Then I get to come home to email.from my mother:
Feeling very uncomfortable with your picture, etc. on Facebook. A lot
of my friends and family do not know, well probably should say,
didn't know!! Now, I don't know.
Should I mention that it is just a picture of my partner & I..and my status today was "Cannot believe it's been 10 years. Thank you Loni for all the laughs, for truly being my soul mate & the one I can always count on to be there. Can't wait for the next 10!!" what point do you stop being such a hateful person? At what point do you stop trying to control someone else. Even if the rest of my family decides that having someone gay in their lives is just something they cannot tolerate then get the hell out of my life. I cannot keep doing this. I cannot keep pretending for your sake. I will not continue to play your game.

I no longer care that you have been trying to keep some hellacious secret in your life. I no longer care that for 10 years you have spitefully looked at me, scoffed at my relationship and probably deep down still wish you would have never "picked me" If you think that every time I see you I do not remember what you said to me..."better if I was dead" "we wouldn't have picked you" you are mistaken. I feel sorry that you cannot seem to understand what unconditional love really is, I feel sorry that you cannot look past your own prejudices and hateful thinking.
I am still pretty upset..tomorrow will be better. I can't believe this...from my mother. I just can't...


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