Time Flies

Time does fly when your having fun. Hockey is in full swing and that has really taken priority of the schedule these days. My team had our first game last weekend which we won 1-0, fantastic game. It was kinda cool to see the plays unfold like they are supposed to, the speed was much faster and the skill was much better than what I have played in the past. Any amount of reservation that I might have had were completely erased that weekend. Just sad that some of my former teammates cannot even have the decency to ask how it is going on the new team. We even went to their first game to support them but got a lot of cold shoulders from them after the game. Oh well - life goes on. No regrets here and I am super excited for the experience to play on another level with a fantastic coach.

Things are going well other than that - work is going well. Have been sticking with the running each day, Berbee Derby is right around the corner and I also still want to do the triathlons next summer. I did get some new shoes to continue my training - love them! My dog Jersey has a torn ACL so that has been a challenge for us, trying to carry him around and watching him hobble around the house- just breaks my heart.


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