Some Pet Peeves

So in the spirit of being irritated with people these days let me just run down just a few of the pet peeves that drive me up the wall.

Smokers that stand IN FRONT OF THE DOOR. Okay, I know I am in a northern climate so it's cold sometimes. But seriously, I do no appreciate walking in and out of hockey with smokers standing at the door working on their lung cancer. And of course when I am walking into a store or out to eat and I have to walk through the puff of toxic air..thanks people. I find this extremely rude and just disgusting. Before I place all of the blame on these individuals that are just as content to share their cancerous activities with the rest of us, I should look to the establishment that places the smoking receptacles directly IN FRONT OF THE DOOR!! You people should be ashamed that the first experience someone has with your location is this. But again, this state does not have any limits on how far these bins need to be from a door. Shame on you Wisconsin!

Okay I know it's not fashionable - and I am not really up the the latest fashions out there, but why are we wearing not only our pajamas to the store these days but the slippers as well? Really? Could you not at least put some shoes on? It's interesting to see the full on pajamas too, not the sweat pants and t-shirt type of look..but the I just rolled-outta-bed and drove right here look is something else. At least if you had curlers in your hair I would be able to see that you were trying. But seriously, that's just not something you wear in public.

Leading me right to the I-do-not-pick-up-my-feet-when-I walk shuffle. This is for anyone that walks, from the kids to their parents, and don't think I am not noticing those that are old enough to have figured out how to pick up their damn feet!! Unless you have some sort of disability, there is no reason that you cannot put one foot in front of the other without shuffling along. My grandmother, who used 2 canes until the day she died, didn't even shuffle her feet as she walked. It was difficult but she was able to pick her feet up enough up off the ground to move forward.

Public displays of affection also drive me insane. Now I am not talking about the quick nobody is looking type of thing. But I am talking the groping, you are my "possession" type of thing. If you really cannot stand to be separated by a strand of hair then take it to a private place. I don't care if you are gay, straight, all alone or whatever. If you cannot pry yourselves off of each other then it's time to move it out of the public eye.

I cannot stand people that talk just to hear themselves talk. That is what the blogging world is for. If you have something to say get a blog and you can rant and rave forever. Otherwise, perhaps you should check yourself and your facts before opening that big trap.! Sadly, I know way too many of these people. Of course since I hang out a lot with hockey people this is where I see this the most. Especially in the locker rooms!! ugh, people!!

Okay since it seems like I am on a I hate people day I think I will stop...this list could go on for days I am sure. I might even update it when more inspiration comes my way. Never know if you will make the list....

In the meantime might I recommend looking at one of my favorite examples of why we need to have a committee that can determine if certain people should be allowed to ever procreate please see


Kimberly said…
I read this when you wrote this and I thought that it must have felt so liberating to write this. I have a list of pet peeves, but I don't think I could write them. You have a great way of writing things so clearly and interestingly. :)

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