Couple more thoughts

So yesterday I went on some little tirade about a few things, so here are some more thoughts today.

Lot's of recent changes to guidelines for women. Changing when we should have a routine mammograms, and then today it's announced about changing the pap smears. Now, I am not a big doctor person, I don't like to go. Actually haven't been there for 3 years now that I think about it,however, I don't think it's smart to start changing these guidelines. I read today on CNN that out of every 1,000 women ages 40-49 that get their mamo 2 will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I know in this day and age money seems to run everything, but I bet if you ask those 2 women if this was important to have done they would agree it is.

These days women are finding cancers on their own in their twenty's..but wait, we're not supposed to do those pesky BSE's or breast self exams. After all, it's better that the Dr. we see every what 3 years feel around to see if they can find anything, but the boob that dwells on my own body I should check to make sure it feels okay??

UGH, this has me livid right now.

I come from a family where according my my adoption records my mother and grandmother both had breast cancer in their lives. If I am lucky, I will get to avoid this trend in my future, if I am not so lucky when will I be allowed to be screened? I am still trying to understand just how someone sitting in some office somewhere can dictate how women get screened for such a thing? Wait, these are the same asses that also decide that I am not allowed to marry my partner or how many of our soldiers get sent to a war that we should not still be fighting.

This trend is starting to make me nervous, isn't this how some other countries started? I betcha the next thing with be MRIs - there are already huge waits for these. My parents are under the belief that had all of this happened 4 years ago when my dad had his heart surgery that he wouldn't have been helped. He is under the belief that the hospital would have turned him away because for a 70 year old the cost to do a quadruple bypass would just be too high. Is that really where we are going? I certainly hope this is not the case, but I am not sure anymore.


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