So much.

So after an embarrassing loss to the Milwaukee team it was time for the party. Seemed like a decent enough time but we are just not party people so we didn’t stay too long. Long enough to see people were getting drunk and loud which is our clue to take off. Ended up home around 1030 or something. Such party poopers.

Sunday we caught the UW Women’s hockey game in an awesome, awesome performance by the team. They are starting to come together nicely – which does take time when you have a new group working together. But it’s nice to take a team like that and see that they can struggle, they can have issues but you know they are working their butts off during the week to bring it all together. Having been a student-athlete I know how much sacrifice goes into those games. You have to give up a certain part of the “college experience” to focus on your sport. Granted the payoff is traveling to other locations and getting certain perks by being an athlete, but it’s tough.

Sunday night we had our MGHA game, last one of the night again but that will be done soon enough. Anyway, as we are getting ready to take the ice our coach says “Mimi’s mom passed away this morning, we are playing this game for her” wow, what a way to start the game. This fired the team up, we came out and were on point and we did a great job. I was excited to play against 2 players that are, by far, much better players than I am but that is what drives me. The little victories of poke checking the puck, or getting in their way – those to me are worth more than the actual score. Especially when one of them is super tall, really fast and starts to act like a jerk on the ice when they are upset - like I said it’s the little things.

I am also in panic mode for the test this weekend. I was rather hoping I would break my leg this weekend so I wouldn’t have to do it, nice huh? Anyway, I do think that I pulled a groin muscle or something, hopefully that will heal and I will end up not embarrassing myself too much. I am just not very confident in my ability to pass this exam. I know I have to go in with a positive attitude (my dad has been harping on this forever) but it seems like every time I am getting ready to take this test something happens. The 1st time there was an accident and I couldn’t find the location, the 2nd time Loni’s Grandpa passed away, so 3rd time is the charm right? It’s either that or I need to move on. Have I mentioned I am terrified about this?? ugh. I guess in 6 days it will be over…16 days and I will know the outcome. What will be will be


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