I think I am getting sick

So it's the change of the season, it's the flu season, it's everything season right now and I think I am coming down with something. I actually stayed home from work today because of this but we'll have to see how that goes. Of course this always happens during hockey season...

Speaking of hockey (that was such a great transition don't you think?) Both leagues are now underway. I got my team assignment today for MGHA and it looks as though I am on blue this year, what a change to the last 2 years always having a reddish color. Anyway, I have a decent team that gives a lot of feedback so I am pretty excited about that. My other league the Sun Prairie Rage got going last wed and we actually have our first 2 games this coming weekend. Feels like I was just on the ice with my team but that is what hockey is all about.

I am also back into the swing of things again with the UW Women's Hockey team, they had their first series this past weekend and spit with 1 win a piece. It was funny while we were at the game I was filling my friend Dave in on all the players, the coaches, the US Women's National team and he looked at me and said "You should get a job doing this" wouldn't that just be a dream job? If only I could. I could talk for hours about these two teams. That one can file in the dream category I suppose. But wouldn't that be awesome?!

I did find a fun blog to follow today from one of the US Women's National players so that made me pretty happy today. We are still waiting to see when Loni will start her job, they are STILL doing her background checks - it's only been 5 or 6 weeks on that already but hey who is counting. We are still sharing 1 vehicle, pain in the ass but then again we only have 1 vehicle payment currently so with everything going on this is a plus more than a negative.


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