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Who Am I??
I am a slightly neurotic, obsessive hockey player that wishes to be better than my current skill level will let me be
Adopted daughter to Earl & Joyce
Co-Treasurer to the MGHA
Lion Tamer for Token Creek Lions Club
Steering committee for the Act ride
A partner
Fur babies momma
A faithful employee in a growing organization
A fiercely devoted friend
An extremely shy individual (bet you didn’t know that one!!)
A book worm
A video game geek
Someone that likes to sit back and watch
A person that remembers a lot, especially when it’s about people I care about
I notice when you are fighting the tears
I really want you to hug me too
I need to have time alone, but not too much
I want you to want me in your life
When hurt, I can cut you off forever
I panic at the thought of losing my father
I am terrified of public restrooms
I could go to an amusement park for every vacation
I am very hard on myself
I don’t feel like I deserve much
I really do like to hug
I constantly question things in life
I don’t want you to see me cry
My brain does not like to shut off at night, often keeping me up for hours while everyone else sleeps
I try to hide things, and secretly I want you to notice
When others panic, I am calm as a cucumber
I regret not telling you I love you
I miss the Army, more than I can actually put into words
I am always on guard, and usually don’t’ have that “safe” area
I really can’t tell when someone flirts with me
I really do pay attention to what you say & do
I dream about being a photographer and traveling the world
When I dream, I am the person I strive to be
My friends are my family, and I have chosen you specifically
I am scared people will leave me and will often try to push you away; just to see if that is true
I forget to eat sometimes, well okay a lot, and I am fine with that
When I tell you I am fine, I am probably not
The ice rink is one of the few places that make me happy
I will make sure you are happy before I am
I totally believe I would have loved to go to Hogwarts
Teenagers make me uncomfortable
Sometimes, I am afraid to be me
I can spend hours thinking, analyzing, & dreaming
I wish you knew how I felt
I wish I knew you cared
When you smile at me, my heart skips a beat
I love writing, not necessarily anything in particular, just writing
I wish I could tell my 15 year old self a few things
I am a character and wondered how it would be to put on a costume and do that for a living
I have a friend that I can call anytime and we can pick right up where we left off like it was yesterday, even when it was 6 months ago
I save text messages that make me happy and make me feel loved
I secretly love Julie Andrews
I question things that I was taught as a child
Sometimes, late at night when my brain doesn’t stop, I feel like no one cares
I love to make people laugh, even when it’s at my expense
I could sit in a hockey rink all day
I wish I could do something to change the world’s views on AIDS – and inspire someone to do something about it
I wish my family would not be so conservative and understand people cannot be pigeon holed and not everyone is just like you
I have had to learn to survive on my own, this doesn’t mean that I don’t need you, it just means I know how to make it alone


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