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So, I wasn't going to put this on here but I am just still bothered by it so I figured I would share it then. I love to use facebook, it's a fun place for me to catch up with old friends, jab at those I currently see and just let my hair down (so to speak.) So, I was shocked when about 2 months ago my mom also joined facebook and then requested to "friend" me. Against my better judgement I went ahead and did so, making sure to start censoring myself a little and blocking certian things from her. But, one thing about facebook is that you can express your support for various groups and/or causes. So, a week or so ago someone sent me something to support leagizing gay marriage which I fully support, and I posted that on my page. Well last night my mother decides to comment on this by saying "not a good idea."
Initially I was PISSED OFF, not hurt at all because really there is no surprise here. But really?? You felt you needed to do that? Your right-winged, full of hate view, hypocritical self decided to put that on MY page?? You can't talk to me in months, and think I will let this slide? um no. After thinking for quite some time I decided the best way to handle this was to make a simple comment,

"I disagree. Everyone deserves to be equal. love is love"

Speaking of, tomorrow I will be the photographer for the Prop 8 rally in Madison. Love is love!!


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