It's Iron Baby

I spent today watching and cheering on the athletes during the Ironman WI. I was down there almost the entire day with 2 short trips home to let the dogs out. For those that don't know, the Ironman consists of 2.4mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. The event started at 7am and ends at midnight. When I was watching the swimmers coming out from stage 1 it was something I found quite emotional. It was strange to have such a reaction to an event I have never had a tie to until today. This moment, right now. I remember being a kid and watching Ironman in Kona mesmerized by these people, I remember saying - I would love to do that someday. Flash forward to today, I was there to cheer on a friend, cheer on some random people and enjoy a great day. 3 years ago another friend of mine completed the Ironman and I look at that tattoo on her leg and think - I wonder if I ever could.

So of course at some point during those first 3 hours I was going to add this to my life to-do list. I know that's not like traveling to see the Grand Canyon or something...this takes training, dedication and willpower. I won't even mention the fact that you run a marathon during this little venture, a fricken marathon!! But I am giving myself 3-5 years for my turn. So there, I said it, it's in print, I would like to do the Ironman in 3-5 years. I have a friend of mine that wants to do this as well so that gives us plenty of time to train, and prepare for something like this. So that would be 2012-2015 is the we go!

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