Change is Good!

So as you may have noticed, I have changed the name of my blog…my old title is just old and doesn’t really fit anymore as I am no longer up at midnight to have dreams or aspirations (unless it's behind my eyelids) :O) Half-Pint is just a more fitting name.

Things have been crazy in the week since Loni’s return home. In between our trips to Chicago, her getting sick and hockey season beginning we have begun to eat healthier & pay more attention to being active. Yesterday I made a purchase, originally intended to be a Christmas gift, but hey why not NOW. Anyway, I got Nike + shoes & a sports band. The purpose of this is to help me be a little more accurate in my training so I can achieve my goals. With the pt test for the police department just over 1 month away I need to buckle down and get running. Although having hockey 2 nights per week is great, it’s just not running which I am not good at and need some motivation to do.

Okay so I was able to find the shoes on sale 69.99, and since I have an older Ipod using this Nike + would have required a new one or purchasing the sports band for 59.99. I went with the sports band since it’s much cheaper and I am not in need of a new Ipod at the moment. Everything was charged and ready to go within a half hour yesterday so I started my coaching portion of the program. I am working on the walk to run program which will get me where I need to be for Nov. pt test and running at a decent pace by time that program is done. The cool thing is that I can change up my programs as my goals change. After Nov my focus will be on getting some higher calories burned, longer distances and overall fitness improvement as I start to set my sights on the Ironman WI.

I decided that I am better at actually doing my workouts first thing in the morning since I am SO bad once I get home. Usual excuses at the end of the day are that I am tired, I just want to relax, I am irritated, insert whatever excuse here actually. So, if I do it first thing in the morning, I actually feel better about myself and when I get home I really CAN relax. By using Nike + I can also prove to Loni that I am working hard and using it. This might seem like a silly thing, but this is important. I need to her to see and support my slow but sure progress. Not all of us have these mutant genes that allow us to do some sit-ups for a week and show off our 6 pack…sorry that is just not normal!!

My usual MO though is I am gung ho for a short period of time and then my motivation fades, my excitement dies down and then I lose interest. I am hoping that with this program I will start to see results which will keep me encouraged, I also know it takes time to make a routine and I need to do it and stick with it. Sadly right now that means getting up at 5 or 515am so I can do this. But, I still think this is do-able.

Now that I got my Christmas early, I am asking for a Wii for Christmas now with the Jillian Michaels workout game. Lol…I love the idea of working out to a video game, how cool is that!!


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