Anniversary, Funhouse, Harry Potter,Chicago & the Flu

Cover of "Dear Mr. President"Cover of Dear Mr. President

Hard to see all of those things listed together and have a smile come to my face. This weekend we celebrated our 9 year anniversary which itself is an awesome thing. We chose to see a Pink concert in Chicago and visit the Harry Potter exhibit at Museum of Science & Industry at the same time. Might sound kind of lame but this was the first time we have gone away from the boys, overnight, together. We have not taken a vacation in almost 9 years so this was a huge thing for us. 1 night might not seem like a lot but it was a big thing in our house.

Anyway, we met some friends at the exhibit and it really was a good time - had some lunch and made our way over to the hotel to freshen up before the concert. Oh did I mention that Loni had the flu? Slight complication that would change our trip slightly but we dealt with it. We met our friend Karen at her hotel and rode together to the concert. WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW - from the moment she took the stage to the moment she left...what a show. There was a moment when she did the song Dear Mr. President that I had to fight back tears. Something about that song just gets me anyway, but hearing it live was a different experience. What a show...

Sunday I was ready to take on some Chicago experience but Loni was just not feeling up to it so we went for a short trip to IKEA (only spent 8.43 what does that tell ya) and went home.

Oh I almost forgot, when we went to pick up Karen she surprised me with a visor from Ironman. They got some schwag while they were having the after dinner and they gave it to me for coming out to support. How sweet.

Happy 9 year Loni, what an amazing ride we have had - I can't wait to see what the next 9 years bring :O)

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