Isn't it ironic

Let's see how long I can use song titles for my blog post titles?? Well the true irony is about my last post "I'm not dead" because only a couple of hours after I wrote that I nearly was. Monday night I was on call, per my usual call night at the eye bank. Just after crawling into bed, closing the eyes and preparing for dreamland, my pager goes off. I was being sent to Viroqua (for those of you unfamiliar with Wisconsin geography, that would be 128 miles away from my house... 1 way) So, I walk in to tell Loni I had to leave and I that I would not be home until 230pm Tuesday since it would take that long to drive up and back and do the recovery. The drive up there I am sure was beautiful, wouldn't really know since I took some back road that was pitch black out and felt like I was driving through mountains with cliffs looming off to the side of my car.
Anyway, the case was all wrong...everything went bad but I finished up around 3am and began the trek back to Madison. I must have been more tired than I thought because I started drifting in and out of my lane falling asleep behind the wheel. I have been worried about this for a long time, but have never been this exhausted. Anyway, from 3-5am I fought hard to stay was like fighting a train. I seriously thought I was going to die. Coming face to face with a semi while going 60 miles an hour was and experience I don't want to have again!


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