A Good Man in a Storm

I am a little late to watching the show Grey's Anatomy but I have fallen head-over-heals for this show. I remember loving some of the other medical drama shows, but none like this is so long. I am especially drawn to the story of Dr. Callie Torez and Dr. Arizona Robbins. Maybe that is like stating the obvious but really I can feel their relationship the strongest. Maybe I expected the usually perfect hollywood gay couple storyline, and in some ways I am not surprised by some of it. Even the L Word tried pulling off "normal" relationships. Of course they failed terribly but I figured it would be similar.

Episode 5 of Season 6 was especially touching for me and it has been playing in my mind a lot. Callie essentially introduces the love of her life to her father and he brings in the priest. Great line where she throws up her hands and says "You can't pray away the gay" it was completely how the interactions with my parents are. Including the quoting the bible.

My favorite part about this episode is when Arizona speaks with Callie's father about being a good man in a storm. I wish so hard to hear something like this from my father, can't he bend just for me because I am his daughter. Maybe I am feeling sentimental again because it's almost time to visit my parents but at 35 years old I am still looking for my parents to be able to show me that same unconditional love.

After 13 years with my partner I just keep waiting.

But I would be afraid that I ever decided to get married this would be the situation instead, this would completely be my mother.
Just feeling a very heavy heart today. Just thinking a lot about how much I wish love was truly unconditional.


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