Do I trust you?

I am a little pissed at myself...I put trust in a friend and I get shit on and completely disrespected. I want to tell this person that, I understand why you are upset, but you treated me, your friend, like crap. Do you care? Have you bothered to think of how you treated me at all? After all the times that I made sure I had your back, that I stood up for you and fought for you this is what I get in return?

I am pissed that I put myself out there again. I am pissed that I extend a hand in friendship to be run all over.
I don't need people that want to do this in my life, that makes me very sad but I cannot have it. I cannot have this digging and passive aggressiveness. I won't have it around me.

New Year, New Chance, No More Crap!


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