When you are trapped on the couch

So I have been trapped on the couch since Monday morning with what I believe is the flu. Sucks, sucks, sucks! Not only that I am feeling utterly miserable (honestly I don't know that I have EVER been this sick) I was to officially begin my training at work this week, nice! So I had to call into my job the last 2 days, nice thing is that we are fully paid for all sick time so that was never my concern but missing 2 valuable days of training was not the plan. So tomorrow I will trudge in there again, hopefully to get right back on track.

I am feeling a little better, I think I was only away about 30 min on Monday so today when I have been awake since noon and actually got some food in me I think I am on the mend.

Good side to all of this? I lost 3 pounds in 2 days :O) I don't mind that part..just could do without being that sick! But I believe my dogs and the cat have been super good during this time cuddling up to me and knowing when I just needed some snuggle time - gotta love them for that!

I do find it funny that last night Loni went out and bought stuff to disinfect the house and every room that I have been in, I am not allowed back in the bedroom until at least tomorrow at the earliest :O)

Not happy that I had to miss out on hockey tonight but I would not have lasted 3 min much less 60 out there. I am going to blame this all on my teammate that gave me some chocolate chip cookies on Sunday - funny how I got sick after that...lol I know she really wanted a spot for summer scrimmage but to poison a teammate..gee that's harsh :O)

Okay I am off to raid the refrigerator to see what I might be able to eat; soup, crackers and Gatorade just isn't cutting it anymore!


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