Where DOES time go? Seems that since I have started my new job things are going so well but I have been so busy that I don't get a chance to post on here too much.
After 8 weeks I am actually starting my training this week :O)
Feeling a little left out from some friends recently, seems like one of us have pulled away but I am not sure what side of the coin that was. But that is how life goes...sometimes you have that I suppose.
Getting ready for another hometown visit next month since it seems my folks cannot fit a trip out this way into their schedule. Hard to believe people that are retired can't find a weekend to visit their daughter but I think only 1 of them really want to make the trip.

We have been doing a lot around the house and it's coming together really nice, got the fence put up with the help of some friends, we painted this weekend and I installed some curtains. All in all, it was a great weekend!


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