Ho Hum

So of course I am ready for the new job to start, it's getting hard to focus right now - so many issues at the office (otherwise I wouldn't be leaving I suppose) especially with the lights. They are very bright, in fact they are so bright that I have to wear my sunglasses...while at my desk...for the entire day. This place gives me a headache in more ways than one.

We have been really good about going to the gym, pretty much daily- I was quite surprised and very happy about that actually. It's been a fun way to work out and doing it together just makes it more enjoyable.

Life has been pretty good, on a break from hockey at the moment until summer scrimmage starts, softball will start next month, folks will be here next week for my birthday...just the usual.

It's that time of year to enjoy the farmers market, working out in the yard & hanging out with friends.


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