Another Day

It’s amazing how lives intertwine, touching us for a moment sometimes, and if we are lucky it is longer.

Tonight the folks come in for a visit, initially I was a little put out by the length of time that they wanted to stay but these days I am grateful that my 74 year old father is healthy enough to be making trips to and from Florida and Wisconsin, I can’t complain for the days we spend together. I know I will not always have this opportunity – and I am so thankful for it.

I am also thankful today for Kathy Cole – aka my birthmother. I am thankful to Kathy today because she gave me life and in what I am sure was the most difficult decision of her life, chose to give me an opportunity to have a good life with another family. Birthday’s are always quite emotional and difficult for me – not sure if this is because it is the 1 time of year I am reminded that I didn’t come from just 1 family, that I wonder what my life would have been like if I was living in that small Michigan town. I most likely would not have gone to college, lucky to not have been knocked up early and barley finished high school, if I had been lucky enough to make it through school I would have most likely been working in a factory with the rest of the family.
There has been a price for me to have this life that I am so grateful for, I have wonderful parents who love me – but there are conditions. It’s not unconditional love, it used to be. I hardly remember what those days were like anymore. There are so many conditions and forbidden topics now. It’s hard to believe that my partner and I will be celebrating 10 years together this year and they still refuse to meet her. This hurts me more than I think they know…my father and I chat about things involving Loni and I am allowed to mention her name, but not to my mom. I can still see that distain and hatred in her eyes.

I read an amazing story on CNN today, showing just how the impact of 1 person can be. How big your voice can be if you choose to use it. I often wonder why my legacy will be, what I will leave behind – this girl showed tremendous strength and courage – take the time to read her story and then check out her blog.


StarGazer said…

I'm so sorry to hear that your parents act that way about your partner. I am lucky to not have to deal with that, but my heart goes out to you. Hopefully someday it'll get easier for them. As for now, congratulations on 10 years together! That really is something to celebrate and be proud of! :-)

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