Recap of Act 7

It's been a while since Act 7 but I figured I need to update with a few stories, it was another amazing journey for me, filled with laughter, tears and crazy stories. Here is a short list of some of the things that happened:

Jenn: Is that a tree? DJ: o it’s a stick farm (I blame lack of oxygen)
Bee Sting - on the first day,within the first 10 miles actually
Falling off a cliff- don't ask
Going to the All-you-could-ever-need gas station for food with DJ, Cal & Loni
DJ eating leftover fried chicken while riding on century day
Michelle’s undercarriage - funniest quote about how riding can hurt
Meow at the cow- yeah I totally forgot the MOOO part
The 10 bugs I ate as nutrition - no kidding, they helped!

Great ride again!!


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