My Boo

I cannot imagine my world without my boo, my bubba, my partner in life
strange thoughts sometimes grip me late at night
what if something happened?
what if this beautiful soul was ripped away from me?
working in the hustle and bustle of a busy hospital has taught me to take nothing for granted
take every sunrise in like it is the last
every day i see someone new that 'beat it'
or that is going to find out some horrible diagnosis
I am the first one to know
I am the one that helps the doctor find out
I am the one that wonders
who is this person on the other side of this number
this diagnosis
I think about the young mothers
or the ones that havent had a chance for that yet
I think about the grandfathers
and all the daddy's
I cry for the children
I always wonder about their families
Are they strong enough?
Can they wrap their arms around their loved one and hang on tight
Some days I come home to my boo and just need to cuddle up tight
I sigh into that spot on her chest
the one that is reserved for only me
I listen to her heartbeat
I am so thankful
I am so lucky
My heart aches for others
the ones that have to fight on their own
the ones that were betrayed by love and now feel so lost and alone
as my thoughts drift to them I wrap my arms around around them
and although I know that love from a friend cannot substitute
I hope they know they are loved
darkness won't last forever
there is always darkness before dawn
and dawn brings new life
new hope
new love
a new beginning


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