I don't understand

I just don’t understand what is happening anymore. 

Where did the days go of being there for your community? For helping a neighbor? The days where we looked at our police officers and thought they were swell. Where did the days go where you rode bikes until dark and came running home when you heard mom calling for dinner? Where did the tv shows that taught us a lesson become replaced by shows glorifying being young and pregnant or a never-ending stream of reality garbage?!

When did it become okay to scream at someone you don’t know because you have judged them as different from you?

How did it become acceptable to humiliate and denigrate another human being simply because they were themselves?

How did we end up with someone that feels exclusion is better and demonizing a group of people is the right way to react- running for the highest office in the land?

How is it that a national group of powerful, wealthy people can buy our congressman and senators votes to promote their agenda while people are dying?

I don’t understand.

I cannot wrap my head around any of this. 

My heart aches. My heart breaks. 

To hear stories about phones ringing for hours, knowing those that would answer will never pick up the phone again?!

To hear people praising these attacks. Not in some foreign lands- but right here. Right on our soil- cheering it on.

Or how far have some of our representatives sold their souls to the devil that they choose money over what is right.

I just can’t wrap my head around this.

To see one another as just in my way and I am more important than you thinking.

To disregard all feelings but your own.

To resort to name calling and bashing rather than discussing.

To no care about anyone or anything but yourself.

How about some empathy

How about some sympathy



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