So many changes to share and I don't know where to start right now. I suppose starting at the beginning would be helpful. School was going along wonderfully until somewhere around March/April- essentially after I got home from my cruise. That was when school just fell apart for me and a challenge because an obstacle and that became an impossibility which lead to a withdraw. That prompted another try, renewed effort and again withdraw and I have ended my masters studies for now. I just found that anything with account or statistics just had a roadblock for me that I am unable to get around. Truly made me feel like a failure and frankly like an idiot.

So student status is currently on the off side. Apparently there are just things that I cannot grasp and rather than continue to beat myself up longer I pulled out.

As if that wasn't enough, this may come as a shock but I am also hanging up my hockey skates. I have been disenchanted with hockey for a while and frustrated looking to try to fix the problems. It has been in the back of my mind before I stopped playing this summer and I just want to enjoy my sports and not stress about them. I just need a break. So, it will be strange to start the fall minus my hockey bag and  not hitting the ice but I think it will be better for me.

And finally- today we found something that we have been searching for - our new karate school. I haven't been involved in martial arts nearly as long as Loni has, on and off for 20 years for her but the amount of time I spend on my martial arts was a lot of fun and rewarding. I was an assistant instructor for a few years and worked very hard at teaching my students. Problem with the school we used to attend is the requirements for rank were not very strong and it felt like you were buying a belt. So, I am going to reduce my rank a little and earn my way back up. Looking forward to working hard to earn my black belt and even learning how to break boards- should be fun :)

Lots of changes...taking things one day at a time.



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