My Furbaby

Yesterday was vet visit day in our house. That means 10 min of very loud and excited barking, leashes pulling, tails wagging like crazy. And don't forget the cats that seem to scatter to the four winds when their cages come out. But away we all went at 7am.

Most of these visits are no big deal and we get a call around 3pm that they will be ready for pick up when we are done with work. But, they called before noon yesterday, and it seems my Jersey- the oldest of my two Rat Terriers at 10, is a little sicker than we knew.
Jersey has developed a heart murmur, and also has an enlarged heart. This is not a death sentence for him and I know he has a lot of life yet to live but it makes you stop for a moment. He will be on heart medication for the rest of his life now, and we will need to take extra steps for him to get off the extra weight.

We did decide yesterday that we are getting a small pool for the back yard this summer so we can continue his water exercise. This seemed to help over the winter and he seemed to enjoy it. But at $15 each visit we might as well get a pool of our own. So...15 foot pool aproximetly will be introduced to the backyard fun this summer. I think if we can get him in there every day that will help even more for him!

All of this also falls around the anniversary of my mother-in-laws passing. Deb left us 2 years ago Tuesday. It's still hard to believe she is gone and that will catch us every now and then.  For Christmas we are going down to Texas, or shall I say driving down, and as long as Jersey is feeling good we will take the boys along. We just need to find someone to peek in on the cats for a bit :O) But family has become more important to both of us. We decided to give up our cruise to Alaska next year and I will go visit my folks in Florida early 2012. Someday, I will be very glad I chose that instead. But this weekend is our hockey team's annual hockey tournament and it marks the last time that we talked to and laughed with Deb. Every year for every smile we share during this time I know that she is on our minds and in our hearts through the whole weekend. Two years...feels like so much has happened. So much has changed & I know we miss her.


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