Back to Reality

So it’s been a while since I have posted on here. Not that I don’t have anything to share, but I think that my thoughts are having a mind of their own these days. The last month has been difficult, it has been emotional, it has been trying, it has brought me closer to those that I care about, it has changed my perspectives.

Last week Thursday I loaded up the truck, packed in 2 teammates and drove out to Toronto Canada. We played 4 games from Friday night to Sunday morning and then made the trip back to Madison. We had a great time, we played a lot of hockey which always equals a great time in my book. Toronto was a wonderful city, there was always something to look at and watch. Even going out to dinner was a wonderful experience. This weekend was much needed in my book, after the month I have had I just needed to get away, to be in a new environment and see something new. The only thing that was really missing was Loni. Granted we didn’t know in January when I was getting my passport that within 4 months so much would change for us. That even if we would have gotten her a passport, planned the trip and booked the hotels she wouldn’t have been able to go anyway. When her mom passed away 1 month ago today both of us used a lot of benefit time from work. I was lucky enough for how my work does the PTO that I could still take the trip. I know it was actually very good for both of us, and I am thankful for the trip’s timing.

As for how the hockey was…we kicked ass I think- we have nothing to hang our heads about that’s for sure. We won on Friday night and lost the other 3 games but hey, when you’re playing the national sport of a country you need to expect they will be slightly better than you in it. I think the average years of experience on my team was about 2, theirs was closer to 10-15. I had some issues with position and my sticks went missing for a little while but we all had a fabulous time and I even got a beer from the opposing team for my sportsmanship after 1 particularly rough game.

Can’t wait to go with Loni next year, it should be a blast! But for now it’s back to reality, time to switch from hockey skates to cycling gear. The Act ride is a few months away and it’s time to train. I have 2 great mentees for the ride so this should actually motivate me to get out there and train this year. Straightaways are fine; it’s those darn hills that get me!!


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