Well today it all begins..the long but well worthwhile adventure of blood,sweat and I am sure some tears. My goal, taking part in the Act 5 ride for Aids. I have just under 1 year to prepare for this event that will "be long, it will be hard. It will be fun. And, it may very well be the best days of your life."
I suppose I should also some up with some crafty words of why I am choosing to do this, or what propells me on my mission but frankly, I just want to. I just want to be a part of something bigger than myself.
So, here is where I will put it all down, here is where I will journal my feelings, my fears (wow there are so many!)
Things I know right now...I am scared to death about how this will work...300-350 miles??!! in 4 days??!! And how in the world will I come up with the minnimum amount of money I am supposed to raise? I suppose here is where I must have faith, trust, and hope in people. People that can give to someone else for a worthy cause...
So, here we go on a journey, my "Team" so far, just Loni (cheering section) and Mel (official fundraiser) and me..peddling my little legs away :O)
Rule #1 I learned today on my 1st 10 mile ride: when you leave on your 5 mile "out" ride, and it's all fun downhill, flying with the birds..just remember, that is the same hill you must climb on the way to get home!
Happy Trails


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